A filter installed on a router is distinctly different than a device filter for several reasons. First, the router supplies internet to other devices, and therefore it filters the devices that it is supplying. This means that any content is filtered before it gets to the connected devices at all, which removes a number of dangers that device filters let slip through. Second, router filters typically operate by using custom DNS services which are located in the cloud, and not on the device itself, further removing the threat from the end user. Finally, the router filters are more difficult to setup, because the router doesn’t come with its own screen and needs to be accessed through other devices.

Router filtering and management options are separated into three categories below: routers built with the intent to filter, settings available through the manufacturer of a router, and 3rd party services that can also be used to filter and monitor.

Purpose Built Filtering Products

Clean Router

Clean Router is a dedicated filtering router that makes a pretty good case for being superior to OpenDNS and other router solutions. You can read why here: Link. It also appears to be pretty simple to set up, and they offer phone support if you would like it. Other unique options include more in-depth filtering (pages are scanned for content) and a router button to turn off all internet.

Clean Router Website: Link
FAQ: Link

eGate Web

eGateWeb offers a purpose built filtering router, among other products and services.

eGateWeb main Site: Link
eGateWeb Family Filtering: Link

Disney Circle

Disney Circle is not a router, but device that pretends to be your router. In other words, any internet requests from router-connected devices get intercepted by the Circle and filtered.

Disney Circle: Link

Gryphon Connect

Gryphon Connect is an technologically advanced filtering router with automatic updating.

Gryphon Website: Link
Tutorials, FAQs & Installation Guide: Link


Kibosh offers both their own filtering devices and DNS filtering services for other routers.

Kibosh Site: Link

Third Party Services


Recommended by ProtectYoungEyes for blocking pornography.

Tutorial on ProtectYoungEyes: Link
Cleanbrowsing Website: Link


OpenDNS is a familar name in the DNS filtering world. Using their service actually increases the speed of your internet, but can also filter it when set up to do so.

OpenDNS Setup Guide: Link
OpenDNS Website: Link

DNS Thingy

One of the downsides to DNS based filters that is there are ways to get around them. DNSThingy is an app that enforces the DNS filter settings and keeps the DNS fitler updated with your IP address. It can also do whitelisting and blacklisting on its own.

DNS Thingy Website: Link

Manufacturer Settings

AT&T U-Verse / 2-Wire

According to Protect Young Eyes (Link), the 2-Wire brand routers are not configurable because they are locked down by AT&T. They link to an OpenDNS article on this problem with a workaround, but you’ll need a second router and some technical experience:

OpenDNS on AT&T U-Verse: Link


TP-Link Instructions on Parental Controls: Link
TP-Link Instructions for new User Interface: Link

Search on TP-Link Support Website for Parental Controls: Link


D-Link offers videos on setting up parental controls in the support section of their website. In order to get there, enter the model number of your router at the site below and check the videos for one on parental controls (there may be several pages of videos – be sure to check them all).
D-Link Support: Link

D-Link advertises their myDlink app as being able to set up parental controls for the router. Links below:
myDlink Apps: Link
myDlink App on Google Play: Link
myDlink App on Apple App Store: Link

3rd Party articles on D-Link Parental Controls: Link


Linksys Parental Controls How-To: Link
3rd Party Instructions: Link


Asus Parental Controls How-To: Link


Netgear offers Disney Circle integrated with some of their routers, and also a Genie app for controlling settings.

Netgear Parental Controls Page: Link

Other Information