Apple AirDrop Warning

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Apple AirDrop comes pre–installed on all iPhones and is an app that allows people within 30 feet of you to send you images.  The default setting is to receive files from “everyone” without asking your permission.  This allows a complete stranger within 30 feet of you to send any explicit images anonymously and without your permission.  Not only is there a risk of explicit photos being sent to a child, but also the risk of predators using it to identify a victim. Typically the child’s name is the name of the device, (e.g. “Susans iPhone”) which the predator can see is a “nearby device.”  From there it is easy enough for the predator to figure out the victim’s appearance, name, and location simply by the instinctive disgusted reaction of viewing the inappropriate message.

To Fix:

Click the ‘Settings’ icon on the main menu, go to ‘General’ and then ‘AirDrop’. Once you enter the application settings, you’ll find that the receive option is set to ‘Everyone’. Change this by choosing between ‘Receiving Off’, ‘Contacts Only’, and ‘Everyone’. We recommend ‘Contacts Only’.