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SiouxLand Modern Media Committee

“In recognition of the dangers and challenges faced by our Christian families regarding modern media, the Siouxland Modern Media Committee has established this website. While the rapid advancement of technology has undoubtedly been beneficial in our daily lives, it is to be feared that it continuously enables and facilitates sinning against God and His Holy Word.”

Lethbridge Modern Media Committee

It is the wish of the Lethbridge consistory and the Modern Media Committee that the Lord may work the tender fear of His holy Name in the hearts of parents and children that thereby He may keep us from the slippery slopes of world conformity and the misuse of technology.  We hope the guidelines and tips on this website may help you make decisions regarding technology use based on biblical principles.

New Jersey Modern Media Committee

The Franklin Lakes church in New Jersey has a webpage with information and downloads regarding modern media use and misuse.

More Resources

As a committee, we found the following websites helpful, but we do not endorse all the information and opinions posted on them.

MTAC: Media Technology and Awareness Committee

The Reformed Congregations in North America (RCNA) have put together a website with information regarding internet safety, modern media, and other relevant topics.

Protect Young Eyes

Protect Young Eyes is a website built by a person from the Grand Rapids area that provides an exceptional amount of information on apps, filters, and devices.

Covenant Eyes

Covenant Eyes is a company that makes online accountability software, and they also have a very useful and informative blog.

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If you have questions about anything on this site or on how to get started with online filtering and accountability, feel free to reach out to us. We can also arrange in-home help for setting up online filtering and accountability.