Wireless Routers

We wanted to share this article about wireless routers.  Routers serve as the “door” to let internet into your house.  The router acts as the door keeper, deciding what can come in or go out for all the devices using internet in the house (even the ones you don’t know about).  We typically recommend the Netgear routers that have Circle built into them like the below link.  They are cost effective and relatively easy to setup with the phone app they provide.  The other great thing is they alert you on your phone whenever a new device is added.  Link to Netgear Router

Below is a link to an article that reviews different wireless routers including the circle router.  https://protectyoungeyes.com/2020-best-wi-fi-routers-including-parental-controls/

Also here is a link to our website page with an introduction to routers.  http://firstnrc.org/?page_id=871

If you have questions or would like help setting up a router, please contact us at modernmediacommittee@gmail.com .