Qustodio and Antivirus Programs

We have found that certain anti-virus programs (such as Avast anti-virus or others) may interfere with Qustodio.  The anti-virus program will stop the Qustodio service from running, randomly turning off filter protection and monitoring.  Qustodio may work for a while after a restart of the computer but then will stop working after a certain time period.  We recommend you test Qustodio (try a site that you have blocked) and check reports daily until you are satisfied it is stable and working.  There may be little indication that Qustodio is not working other than children can access sites normally blocked, and reports will look a little empty on certain days that it is not running).  If you have problems, uninstalling your anti-virus software and Qustodio, then reinstalling Qustodio may fix the problem.   At this point we have not confirmed an anti-virus program that we can recommend for use with Qustodio.