Update on Volunteer Needs For Next Week at School

Dear Congregation,

In our ongoing effort to keep you informed, below is an update on volunteer needs for next week at school.

We are looking for a couple volunteers for painting/cleaning/organizing during the mornings Monday through Thursday next week.

We are also planning Monday evening 6/21 5:30PM and Saturday morning 6/26 8AM for working on the playground and cabinetry assembly/install.

If interested you can sign up using this sheet  NRC Plymouth Volunteer List or contact a building committee member.

Dave Bazen  dbazen@bazenelectric.com

Trent Devisser Trent@homespecialistsllc.com

Ryan Knibbe ryknibbe@gmail.com

Mike Koedam mikekoedam@gmail.com

Dan Rose dan@roselandscapeservices.com

Building Committee – Thank You

We would like to sincerely thank all the volunteers that came out today to help at school.  The overwhelming support is very humbling.  We served over 70 people at lunch.  Thanks to all the ladies who brought the snacks and served lunch.  Below is a link to pictures of today.  We plan to schedule another date soon!


Warm Regards,
The NRC School Building Committee

School Board Update

Dear Congregation,

In our ongoing effort to keep you informed, below is an update from our School Board.

Valuation Review Committee: The Valuation Review Committee is meeting weekly.  Appraisers are currently doing their review of the buildings and hope to have their results back in four weeks.

Building Committee: We are looking forward to seeing many of you on Saturday as we begin construction on the new playground and some other projects at school.  We, as the building committee, appreciate all the support during this time!  Below are links for the plans for the playground equipment and a project list.  Also the sign-up sheet is updated to show some preliminary distribution of work teams.  Also, if others would like to help this Saturday with cleaning, painting, and landscape weeding; there is much that can be done there also.

1.     Please review this sign up sheet for the suggested distribution of work NRC Plymouth Volunteer List

2.     The following link is a diagram of our proposed playground layout. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1eygBkC-9QXPUSlymWEib8RfhKpxHQv7pGdgxOM0jMNE/edit?usp=sharing

3.     The following link is a list of projects for this Saturday and ongoing after: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1sXC6_t1DZwt2Wz6mSvg69typp7yacoeGmHixroVwZl4/edit?usp=sharing

4.     Saturday items for volunteers to bring

i.         Shovels and dirt rakes

ii.         Drills, impact drivers, hand tools

iii.         Power washer

iv.         Loppers, cutters, chainsaws

v.         Gloves/safety glasses

School Board Update

Dear Congregation,

The NRC School board members would like to share a quick update from the school.  We have updated the volunteer sign up sheet as we could use some general cleaning, moving, and painting help at our school during the mornings each day next week.  If you are able to help out, here is the link to the sign up sheet.  Thank you again for your support!

NRC Plymouth Volunteer List

Warm Regards,

NRC School Board

School Board Update

The NRC School board members would like to share a few more updates from the school.

  • A password requirement has been added to the school website http://school.firstnrc.org/  for internet security purposes.  The password is “PCS”.
  • A few more questions have been added to the “Your Questions Answered” section.
  • Below is some information from a new school committee that has been setup by the NRC and HRC Consistory.

A Valuation Review Committee (VRC) has been established with members selected by the HRC and NRC Consistories to provide assistance and guidance to the process of establishing the value of the assets, buildings, and property, as well as recommending an equitable division of them.  The committee is currently meeting weekly to develop a list of assets and differences between buildings and property.  We are also interviewing several appraisal companies with the purpose of selecting two which will provide 3rd party appraisals of the buildings and properties.

Administration is working with staff teams to list furniture, tables, chairs, books, and supplies and how to best divide them.  Their efforts are being documented and will be reviewed and approved by the Valuation Review Committee.

We as a committee will be making recommendations to the Consistories and School Board to be incorporated in a final settlement agreement.

If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to reach out to one of the members of the committee listed below:


Kevin Ash

Andy VanBeek

Jeff Zevenbergen


Aron Bazen

Jason Engelsma

Randy Knibbe


Building committee chair: Ryan Knibbe

Finance committee chair: Greg Bleeker

HRC Consistory Liaison: Del Deur

NRC Consistory Liaison: Gary Bleeker