Why the Concern About Internet Use?

We all know the benefits of browsing the internet for finding information and communicating with others, but it’s shocking to see the evil that is readily available on the internet, and more importantly how often this evil can show up unintentionally on the screen! Read more…

Why Filter? How do Filters Work?

We have a responsibility as a parent to protect our children from the dangers on the internet. This short article gives some specific reasons why we should use internet filtering and summarizes how filtering works. Read more…

Presentation Materials

Browse the Presentation Materials presented to the members of the Netherlands Reformed congregations in Grand Rapids on February 25, 2014.


Website Links for Additional Instructions and Information

The information below will be useful in putting together a comprehensive media filtering solution. This information is updated as new new devices and software are tested.

Action Items Information

      1. See presentation and print out slides
      2. Whole house router based solutions
        a. OpenDNS
        ….. i. Setup Guide
      3. Make users “Standard User” not Admin instructions: link
        a. Windows 7:
        b. Windows 8:
        c. Mac OS X:
      4. Parental controls
        a. Windows 7:
        b. Windows 8:
        c. Mac OS: and additional article1 and additional article 2
        d. iOS:
        e. Android Tablet:
        e. Google Family:
      5. Adjust Search Engine Settings
        a. Google/YouTube: and
        b. Yahoo:
        c. Bing:
      6. Consider Alternate Search Engines
        a. Change Default Search Engine in Chrome
        b. Kidzsearch for Images:  (May have links to other Kidzsearch pages, so monitoring of children is still necessary)
        c. K9:
      7. Remove Incognito Mode/InPrivate/PrivateBrowsing etc.: (works for all browsers)
      8. Install an Ad Blocker:
      9. Install Software filter on any portable computers
        a. K9
        ….. i. K9 Download:
        ….. ii. Installation guide:
        ….. iii. Mac OS X:
        b. NetNanny
        ….. i. Download:
        ….. ii. Installation Guide:
        ….. iii. Mac OS X:
        c. Qustodio
        ….. i. Download & Installation Guide
        ….. ii. Limited Time Discount on Qustodio Premium – Use Coupon Code BTS17 for 10% off.
      10. Android Devices (Cellphones/Tablets)
        a. App Lock:, Guide to installing app lock on Android Devices
        b. Covenant eyes (accountability only):
        c. Funamo (application lock and accountability):
        d. NetNanny (filter and app lock, some accountability reports):
        e. K9 (filter only, need to use with app lock):
        f. Qustodio (filter, accountability): Link to app
      11. iOS Devices: iPods, iPads, iPhones (See links page)
        a. Turn on restrictions, lock out offensive apps, and safari:
        b. Install filtered Browser K9 with restrictions:
      12. Nook: Set up parental controls:
      13. Set up password lock screen on Android:, iOS:
      14. What are the risks of using specific websites (e.g. Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Yik Yak, etc.)? Although we do not agree with all of the sentiments expressed in the information on the sites below, there is a lot of useful information for parents wondering what their children may be doing on specific websites (or how they are using specific smart-phone apps/programs):
        10. Hidden Porn: Apps with Dangerous Doors to the Internet


    More information

      1. RCNA Link
      2. Digital Dementia Article
      3. Video Gaming Articles:
        a. Addiction:
        b. Article from the NRC Lethbridge Modern Media Committee: Video Gaming
      4. Sexting article Portage, MI:
      5. 2010 Banner of Truth Article on the dangers of technology: A Trojan Horse
      6. Local computer tech support resource:
      7. Lethbridge Ladies Aid Topic: “Children and the Digital Age”
      8. Articles from the NRC Lethbridge Modern Media Committee (with permission of the author), previously published in “Insight Into”
        a.  A Giant Step toward Heaven and toward Hell
        b.  Media Usage Along the Way
        c.  Pilgrims on Snapchat
      9. Articles from the NRC Franklin Lakes Modern Media Committee
        a.  Online TV
        b.  Addiction to Media Use
      10. Insight Into Special Edition: “Say No!” 32 Short Meditations on Dealing with Sin
      11. Article on the dangers of giving children smartphones:  The Madness of Giving Your Child a Smartphone